Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago I ran to the store for our christmas essentials ie cidar, and ventures into the basement for our christmas decor extraveganza. Call me crazy, but I actually love our fake tree. The real ones are messy, and my super hero loves putting our fake one together. I throw some scented pine cones in it and bam holiday cheer from a box.

Now our tree would never make the cover of a magazine. It is full of hand me downs, and handmade ornaments. Someday I will maybe do two and have one of those magazine cover trees as I mentioned here. I even went to the store this year and purchased some of my own holiday decor here. Anywho. One of my favorite coworkers brought it to my attention that she has been stalking my blog waiting to see my christmas tree. She has very high hopes for this tree BTW.DSC_0447


Here are the “kids” helping. It is a full on event in our house. I think my poor husband was overwhelmed, as this was his first full Cassie Christmas decorating experience. We crank the christmas music, boil cidar, and cheerfully sing with the tunes, completely off key! The princess was clearly worried, she burried herself in the pillows on the couch, and continuously gave me this, “what the H are you doing to our house” look.




Lights on


Lights off


Joy to the World ornament nestled next to poinsettia (These started as a pitiful bouqet I cut apart to fill in the tree…ps from the dollar store)


Sleigh bells ring next to another poinsettia


Put your cheesy pants on…I made this ornament to my husband last year, it has a key hanging down the center. It is supposed to be the key to my heart…aaaaaaahhhhh


Happy Holidays!!!

God Bless,


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