Easy French Manicure

I love getting a salon worthy french manicure….

BUT I hate forking out the cash to get one!!

I have tried to mimic this look many times (Hole punch stickers, band-aids, and free hand). It always ends up looking like I held the brush with my toes….UNTIL NOW!!



Total Cost: $ Less than 0.85 per manicure
($17 for supplies that have lasted over 20 manicures)

Nail Polish Remover $2

White Polish and Top Coat Here and Here $15

Flat Eye shadow Brush- Free
(Pictured is my Urban Decay one from Naked Palette)

Small glass dish for Nail Polish remover- Free
(I have used the lid of the remover too, but wanted to class it up for you ūüėČ

French Manicure Steps
Step 1: Paint Just the tip of one nail with a thin coat of white polish. If the polish is too thick it will chip faster! (I really love the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line!)

Step 2: Dip the tip of the brush in the polish remover. Dab on a paper towel if it is too saturated.

Step 3: Gently press the brush onto the nail starting on left side and slowly swiping to the right following the natural curve of the nail. Continue to do this step until your tip is the desired width and your line is nice and clean.

Step 4: If you want a crisper look you can do another layer of white, otherwise finish it off with a top coat.

Seriously this is so easy ladies. Mine generally last 7-14 days depending on how hard on them I am. For less than a buck you can’t go wrong!!!

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3 Buck Chuck Emerald Green Maxi

emerald maxi

Total Cost: $ 26

Emerald Maxi $3

Belt Platos $3 here and here

Purse Thrifted $10 here

Shoes Uggs Gift from the hubs

Watch Gift from the hubs

White Button up Thrifted $5

Old Navy Green Cardigan $5

Man I miss my nice camera!!

He took a jump of the tripod (I was being artsy, oops), and now he has a 3 week vaca at the repair shop :(. Oh well, we are lucky to have a runner up, and it isn’t too bad. Anyhoo back to business!

A few weekends ago it was chilly on Sunday, and I was not too bummed as I stated here it gave me the opportunity to layer ūüôā I bought this maxi dress a the same time I got this one, but I splurged because this one was a whole $3!!

This is what the top part looks like:


Kinda cute for three dolllaaaasss!

I have yet to brave this dress without a cardigan, but I swear I am going too ūüėČ

God Bless,


Twenty Finds For Less Than $20

20 items less than 20

WAAAAAHHHHOOOO!!! I scored BIG time and I am pretty dang proud of myself!

If I weren’t busy eating watermelon in my bed I would be doing the happy dance right now.

Where in the world did I shop you may ask, Garage sales! Usually I don’t buy clothes at garage sales, because frankly it is too much work. Driving around town finding the girl who wears your size, has your style, and is willing to sell her stuff in her yard (the chances are slim)….However, last weekend the local Children’s Home and Catholic Church both had big garage sales. I tell ya ladies this is the way to go.

I love big garage sales! They usually have a ton of families contributing= tons of great treasures. They tend to have blanket pricing which is how I scored all of these name brand clothes for a buck a piece. This specific church doubles as a school and had the items divided by room. The entire gym was clothes (I was in heaven). They also had a bake sale full of goodies, We were there so long I needed a snack break. Icing on the cake, I didn’t have to drive all over town trying to follow the little garage sale signs.

I am going to interrupt this blog post to thank my momma and my Tman for being such troopers during this shopping trip ūüėČ

Anyone else hitting up garage sales lately? Tis’ the season!

Total Cost: $18.75

 1. Blue Ruffled Top $1

2. Black Comfy Tee $1

3. Crisp White Button Up $1

4. Gold Necklace $ 0.25

5. Black Date Night Top $1

6. Blue Stoned Top $1

7. Pants Suit $2

8. Ruffle Purple Top $1

9. Black pendulum Skirt $1

10. Argyle Sweater $1

11. Bead bracelets $0.25

12. Flowy Flowered Shirt $1

13. Magenta Button Up$1

 (check out the sleeve detail)

14. Watch Pack $0.25

(best deal of the day! Every nurse dreams to get 7 watch options)

15. Banana Republic Patterned Button Up $1

16. Black Pencil Skirt $1

17. Teal Dress Tank $1

18. Striped T Old Navy $1

19. Button Tie Dye Tank $1

20. Striped Sweater T Loft $1

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God Bless!


Coral Meets Animal Print

leopard print dress collage.jpg

Total Cost: $34.25

Dress Playtos $15

Shoes Same as here $4

Watch less than $0.25 (that is not a typo!!)

Bracelet Goodwill $2

belt same as here $3

Purse Thrifted $10

Don’t you love the coral meets animal print in this dress!! I got it last spring before our Hawaii trip, at first it made me nervous. This whole blogging thing has made me more adventurous when I am out shopping.¬† The first time I wore it I was nervous to walk out in public, but I have gotten sooooo many compliments on it. The front is a little short, but the low in back makes me feel comfortable. Plus score! the underneath black dress doubles as PJs on vacation.

I wore this ensemble last weekend for my sister’s little birthday bash.¬†It was gorgeous weather and a comfortable evening (we have been scorched lately). We were able to enjoy dinner outside at a great restaurant with live music playing in the background.¬†I would have taken pictures, but I didn’t have my phone or camera….I felt naked, its funny how attached we get to those things!

Then we headed downtown for a¬†motorcycle event. ¬†It¬†was the perfect place for “people watching”,¬† a cross between the¬†state fair and a trip to¬†Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. Pure entertainment, that crowd is way more adventurous than this girl ;). Maybe my next¬†post I’ll try¬†leather and studs,¬†JK.

SNEAK PEAK I went garage saling last Friday, and I Scored big time!

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God Bless


Perfectly Coutured

Cardigan + Plaid = Preppy

preppy Collage.jpg

Total Cost:  $36.50

Target Cardigan Clearance $12

Green Old Navy T Goodwill $3

Plaid American Eagle top Goodwill $3

Belt Goodwill $1.50

Old Pants Old Navy Clearance $10

Coral Flats Banana Republic Playtos $7

I rolled out of bed to a light drizzle this morning and loved it! I sleep so well when it rains and love it even more when it storms. It has been pretty warm here the last few weeks, so it was a nice relief to be cooled down with some rain. It also made for a great excuse to wear this cardigan I snagged off the clearance rack a few weeks ago. I am working on my layering skills and have found all the experts aka fashionista bloggers wear cute cardigans over almost every outfit. I am by no means an expert, but I have fun looking for ideas and giving them a try! After all we change clothes daily anyways so if it doesn’t work I only looked homeless for the day ūüėČ

I wore this outfit to the Teen Mops meeting tonight. I recently joined this group as a mentor. Every time I leave feeling so blessed to be a part of the group. I was sixteen when I had my little super hero, and it has been such a journey. I took parenting classes, was part of different teen mom groups, but nothing this amazing. This group is more of a bible study or life group type mops. The journey of a teen parent can be extremely challenging, but I love that these¬†young ladies¬†take time out of their life to meet, support each other, and open their hearts to the love of Christ. Every time I leave I just can’t wait for the next meeting!

Tonight my superhero went with to help with childcare, and this momma was oh so proud of him! One of the little boys there just loved him, and even ran up to give him a good bye hug, melted my heart! The lesson tonight was on Family. We read about Joshua and his choice for his family to follow the God who had provided for them, instead of faith in idols his ancestors followed. We then talked about how are families are now, what we wish for them, and what God has in store for them. The leader tonight did an excellent job!

God Bless Cassie