Chocolate Covered Sunday

It has been a crazy whirlwind of a week. To be honest I have been quiteĀ the sassy Cassie. I was stuck in a funk for several days this week. Ugh I hate those funks. Fridays events just pushed me over the edge. I cannot grasp how a person could do such a thing to anyone, but especially children. My heart breaks for all of the families that were touched be this event.

I had a great balance this weekend between having some “Cassie time” and spending time with my amazing family. I am so blessed between my wonderful family, and the amazing ladies I work with everyday. They are all angels for putting up with this Sassy lady all week. I am sure many of them thought of shoving me in a broom closet for the weekend!

I have gotten a lot of things accomplished, during my self assigned time out šŸ˜‰ . I finished all of my christmas shopping and today had a Chocolate Covered Sunday. YUM! I also made a few other items that were not covered in chocolate.

Diy Christmas gift list: (pictures to come)

Brown Sugar Scrub: you can find a number of these recipes online using things you already have at home

Lightbulb Snowman Ornaments: light bulbs, puff paint, sticks, and some acrylic paint viola

Cheddar Herb Bread: SUPER easy! midwest living recipe here

Fort Kits for kiddos: Sheets, clothes pins, rope, flash light, candy, and suction cups kids love it!!

Ruler growth Chart

DIY cappuccino mix

and these scruptious ZERO Cal treats, okay just kidding but its Christmas not New Years, and you have to fatten up for the resolution.





Any fun DIY gifts?

God Bless,



Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

A few weeks agoĀ I ran to the store for our christmas essentials ieĀ cidar, and ventures into the basement for our christmas decor extraveganza. Call me crazy, but I actually love our fake tree. The real ones are messy, and my super hero loves putting our fake one together. I throw some scented pine cones in it and bam holiday cheerĀ from a box.

Now our tree would never make the cover of a magazine. It is full of hand me downs, and handmade ornaments. Someday I will maybe do two and have one of those magazine cover trees as I mentioned here. I even went to the store this year and purchased some of my own holiday decor here. Anywho. One of my favorite coworkers brought it to my attention that she has been stalking my blog waiting to see my christmas tree. She has very high hopes for this tree BTW.DSC_0447


Here are the “kids” helping. It is a full on event in our house. I think my poor husband was overwhelmed, as this was his first full Cassie Christmas decorating experience. We crank the christmas music, boil cidar, and cheerfully sing with the tunes, completely off key! The princess was clearly worried, she burried herself in the pillows on the couch, and continuously gave me this, “what the H are you doing to our house” look.




Lights on


Lights off


Joy to the World ornament nestled next to poinsettia (These started as a pitiful bouqet I cut apart to fill in the tree…ps from the dollar store)


Sleigh bells ring next to another poinsettia


Put your cheesy pants on…I made this ornament to my husband last year, it has a key hanging down the center. It is supposed to be the key to my heart…aaaaaaahhhhh


Happy Holidays!!!

God Bless,


Just Keep Swimming……Water Proof Camera!

Christmas season is here in full swing! Anyone else struggling to find gifts for the ones they love. Everyone I know seems to have everything they need, and I hate getting something just to get something. My husband on the other hand is the best gift giver ever!! He always seems to surpriseĀ me with these meaningful, useful gifts I never would have thought up myself. One of the best gifts he has ever given me is this shock and water proof camera, for those parents we call this child proof!

waterproof cameraCheck it out here

We have had tons of fun with this camera because I can take it anywhere. I also use a Nikon D5000, but its large and in charge. I like to have my hands free and when I have the big boy I feel weighted down by my camera. Here are some of our summer pictures taken on this orange machine of wonder!


Super hero sharking it up on the 4th


I love the bubbles!


It is even good with action shots…some of those point and shoots miss the KodakĀ moment. This was his first time going off a diving board! I let him jump off the side even as the lifeguardĀ whistled at us….A wise man once said, “rules are for people with no common sense.” oops šŸ˜‰


Going down the tube slide


Aww he even took a pic with good old mom…pretty sure there was bribery involved for this smile


Another Aww moment here is my brothers beautiful girl friend and my adorable niece


One of my friends children! Love how her hair is floating up.


Our very first underwater pic….It was cute all the kids at the local pool kept nicely letting me know my camera was getting wet. I can’t wait to bring this one in the ocean!!

What is your favorite gift you have given or received?

God Bless!


I am Inspired!!

Love this women’s holiday decor! This natural look is amazing. she has my house whooped!

Ā Check out The Butlers blog here

What a great way to wrap gifts! MenardsĀ has roles of brown paper for cheap! Grab some bags of scented pine cones ( I even put them in our fake tree to make them smell good) from your nearest craft store and some spruce bam! Love it

This framed art is gorgeous and brings it back to the true meaning of Christmas!

Thanks Leigh Anne for your inspiration!

God bless!


Deck the Halls

This time of year is here again! I love it. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday! Of course to add to the cheer we have started decking our halls. I have decided this year I am going to add a little to our holiday decor collection. This is my first purchase!

Total Cost: $6.50

Leaf Tray $2 (Ybuys)

Pine cones $1.50 (JoAnn Fabric)

Holiday Balls $3 (Walmart)

I love this tray, and the pine cones are scented! I am going to changes this tray up for all of the seasons. Check out the photo below I could add some orange for fall…I haven’t figured out spring and summer. Any suggestions?

God Bless!