Coral Meets Animal Print

leopard print dress collage.jpg

Total Cost: $34.25

Dress Playtos $15

Shoes Same as here $4

Watch less than $0.25 (that is not a typo!!)

Bracelet Goodwill $2

belt same as here $3

Purse Thrifted $10

Don’t you love the coral meets animal print in this dress!! I got it last spring before our Hawaii trip, at first it made me nervous. This whole blogging thing has made me more adventurous when I am out shopping.  The first time I wore it I was nervous to walk out in public, but I have gotten sooooo many compliments on it. The front is a little short, but the low in back makes me feel comfortable. Plus score! the underneath black dress doubles as PJs on vacation.

I wore this ensemble last weekend for my sister’s little birthday bash. It was gorgeous weather and a comfortable evening (we have been scorched lately). We were able to enjoy dinner outside at a great restaurant with live music playing in the background. I would have taken pictures, but I didn’t have my phone or camera….I felt naked, its funny how attached we get to those things!

Then we headed downtown for a motorcycle event.  It was the perfect place for “people watching”,  a cross between the state fair and a trip to Walmart on a Saturday afternoon. Pure entertainment, that crowd is way more adventurous than this girl ;). Maybe my next post I’ll try leather and studs, JK.

SNEAK PEAK I went garage saling last Friday, and I Scored big time!

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5 thoughts on “Coral Meets Animal Print

    1. Thanks Ginny! I loved your tucking tip…I am a style kindergartener, and literally just started tucking, LOVE IT!!! Can’t wait to learn more tips, tricks, and trends! Thanks for following 🙂

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