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Colorado Pond

I absolutely love me some bloglovin!!! What in the heck is that you may ask, well…….For all of you Blog lovers do you ever come across this extremely amazing blog with tons of great ideas, insight, or just completely relate with the blogger. Then, later have no idea how you stumbled upon it or where to even find it again. Or perhaps you’re like me and fine ten new ones every night after tucking your family into bed, but no great way to keep track of them all…..Well let me introduce you to bloglovin. For those of you that were google reader fans its like going from a blackberry to an iphone! The best news of all I am on there now too! 😉 So go ahead and follow me on bloglovin, it is extremely easy to get started as you can link it up with your FB.

Every blog post has to have a picture! The above is one of a little pond/lake we stumbled upon in Colorado. I have no clue exactly where this is except that it was east of Denver and stunning. Happy Blog Reading! God bless


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