Vacation Outfit

This outfit is a few months old (March…ooops), but completely relevant for Summer weather or future Vacations. I LOVE Vacations! Especially, to a warmer climate to ditch the Midwest ice box.  Last March we went to Maui, which is absolutely beautiful!!! The best part was how consistent their weather is year round, one wardrobe! I would miss  my variety and bulky comfy sweaters, but it was fantastic for a week. If you have never been to the islands it is definitely a bucket list experience. Their lifestyle is so laid back in comparison to the “mainland”.  If we had brought our son with, I am not sure we would have made it back ;). Someday I will do a post with what we discovered for now we will discuss this little number.

I wore this during one of adventure days. Even though the blouse is long sleeved it is light and flowy (yep just made that word up) which made it comfy and protected my skin. As previously posted I am a pasty white girl and my shoulders tend to fry. This was a great outfit for walking on the beach. I am kind of adventurous during vacations so I usually wear shorts during the day. There is nothing worse than finding a great adventure, and having to watch because you have a girly dress on. Also love these over the shoulder long purses. They are the perfect size for your camera, id, and cash. BUT you have your hands free, I hate having to carry a purse in hand!

vaca outfit

 Total Cost: $ 33

Necklace Playtos $5

Purse consignment $7

black blouse old navy $6

Watch Gift from the hubster

white tank old navy $5

sandals Playtos $4

Shorts Playtos $6

Little man Sitting on my shoulder    Priceless

God Bless!


Road to Hauna

Ps Sneak Peak to Maui Pictures!! Isn’t this gorgeous!!

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