Cassie+Hair Dye+Tin Foil= Cheap Hair Redo

This adventure starts last week. I was getting restless with my hair style, and this is never good. I always do risky scary things when I get restless. For example last time I trimmed it myself while watching a movie, I have accidentally ended up with neon pink highlights, and some terrible home perms. The truth of the matter is when I spend money for someone to do my hair I am ooooober (try that word in scrabble) picky. Like, I drive 60+ miles one way to have this adorable lady I love cut it. I know this is extremely crazy since I just admitted to cutting my own hair. If I am going to spend $160 on my hair I better love it! Which leads me to my next adventure.

My roots have been showing for waaaaaaaaay too long, and I knew I needed to do something about it. I didn’t have time to drive to my stylist so I made a trip to walmart (nothing classy in fashion starts with those words btw). I actually had to use my cell to google what supplies I may need. I went home dumped the supplies out, and set up camp in the bathroom. My husband checked in a few times, shook his head, and said, “I am so glad I am not a girl.” Here is what I used: :

hairsupplies Paint brushes $3

Comb $1.50

Duck Clips free $3

Aluminum Foil $1

Hair Dye $15

Total Cost Supplies: $23.50

As far as how I did it, I wrestled with it a bit! Some tips I learned during this wonderful process:


Hey honey, how about that date? haha

1: Section off your hair: top, sides, and back. If you don’t do this you may have unevenly distributed highlights.

2: Start with the hardest areas first. I started in the back section and only did a few at the top of this section, then went to the top section of my head and started towards the back. If you don’t do this it is hard to see over the tin foil to the area you are working with.

3: After you have pieced out the hairs you want highlighted, bend the strips of tin foil over your combs end and use comb to hold in place.

4: You always have to hold your hair tight or the foil in place, otherwise the foil slips down and you have major rootage!

5: Pre-cut tin foil strips!!! You do not want to worry about this while you are processing!

6: Once you have your strips painted make sure you slide the tin foil as close to your scalp as possible, then fold over. At the very end of this folding step you will have excess from where your comb was, fold this down around the hair.

7: Be brave, they make more hair dye and walmart is open 24/7. If all else fails it makes for a great conversation starter if you have rainbow colored hair!

Before & After



You can see more before pictures here, you can see just how light my hair was prior to this. Here is a picture that shows just how dark it is now:DSC_0483 (2)

Love my Cousin It look?

God Bless


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