How to Care For A Sick Kid

DSCN12882 The influenza jerk hit our house hard this year. So far my poor husband and kiddo ended up with it, I may have squeaked by! The symptoms they had were: high-grade fever, cough, wheezing, sore throat, aches, and head aches. My husband ended up staying home with him one day for his first sick child experience. My hubby, thank god,  asked me what he could give him. DUH Cassie! Between the little guy being nearly nine and me being a nurse the thought never occurred to me, that not everyone knows what to do with a sick kiddo. Bam this post was born.

 Since my little guy was very small, we have had our sick day ritual down. He always gets to sleep in the living room with me or in my bed. We have a special sick cup he uses, and we rent movies. Pretty typical sick day mommy stuff. I baby the crap out of him when he is sick. Whenever there are multiple caretakers involved with my son or any other child I have made a Medication administration record. I know I cant help it, its the nurse in me. It really is helpful. At the top of the page I list the medications that can be given name, indication (what you use it for) dose (specific for this child), and how frequently it can be given. Then below  I put a graph where you can put time, medication, temp, other symptoms, and when this medication is due next. It really makes life easy when you have to give meds around the clock to keep a temp under control. Plus when you bring them to the doctor you don’t forget symptoms, I hate when that happens!


How we survived Influenza:

Pushed fluids

Ibuprofen every 6 hours

Acetaminophen every 4

(don’t be afraid to use generic, it really is the exact same thing for cheaper)

Be Koool gel sheets (these things are great)


God Bless!


Easy Naturally Curly Hair Look

I have naturally stick straight hair! not in a super model attractive way like this:

But the suction to my head no volume, boring, flat way. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE big hair. I should have been born in the sixties kind of love! I am a huge fan of hot rollers, my curling iron, and my teasing comb. Last weekend I was surfing the web and came across the most amazing blog. She is a hair and  make up genius! I tried her natural curl technique for an easy style that lasted several days! She was inspired by Megan Fox on this one, and who doesn’t want to look like that hot chick.

Megan Fox Inspired Hair

I also have fallen in love with her gorgeous long hair, and since I have not had a descent hair cut since last summer I am well on my way. She also has some great tips to keep your hair healthy without rockin’ the boring look everyday!

When I tried this I did not have use all of the same products that she used.

Products I used:

1. Big Sexy Root Booster $15

2. Moroccan Moisture  $4

3. Got 2b Curling Mousse $6

4. Bed Head Hairspray $16

For the past couple of weeks I have been using product 1 and 2 after I wash my hair and letting it air dry. I honestly can tell a huge difference, my hair is less frizzy, but has more root volume. For this style I added the curling mousse to my hair, then twisted section into buns, secured with a hair band, then slept with them in.  Ps if you do this be careful where you place your buns I am a side sleeper and had buns on both sides, but it was totally worth it. When I woke up I took them out starting with the bottom section and used the blow dryer with a diffuser on it to dry them up. I also used a 1 inch barrel curling iron to polish any kinks. I made sure to curl with an iron right at my crown around my part. As you can see in the second picture I should have rotated which way I twisted the curling iron on my sides. Polished with this hair spray, and tada! My husband even said, “wow babe, it looks like you have natural curls.” He scored some brownie points with that line, he is a smart man! Bonus it last 2-3 days.

how to fake naturally curly hair


Side view

Thanks for reading! I missed you guys. We have been in PJs a lot lately, the influenza jerk came to visit our house. My little super hero has it right now, poor kiddo. God Bless


Parent moments

Parent Moments of the Week

Kids Day

Super Hero: “Why don’t we have a kids day? We have a Mother Day, Fathers Day, and Grandparents day. What about the kids?

Hubby: “Everday is a kids day. “

Funday Monday

Monday night Super hero comes out of his room

Super Hero: “Hey Mom, is tomorrow Friday yet?”

Me (holding back laughter): “No buddy, it’s only Monday we still have four more days this week.”

Super Here: head down, back into his room, “Oh man!”

Hubby and I look at each other, and both admit we feel his pain!

DSC_00762Snow Pants

So for about the tenth time this year my child has lost his snow pants again. This led to numerous conversations at one of our holiday gatherings, because he could not go outside to play in the snow. My aunt was trying to be helpful and….

Aunt: “Buddy, you have to think of them like underwear, because you have to put them on everyday before you leave the house.”

<—–Super Hero: With a disgusted look on his face , “You only have one pair of underwear, gross.”

He is such a literal child!

God Bless!


Sew Many Buttons So Little Time


Sew Many Buttons So Little Time


A few weeks back I was back to that little town full of great antique shops, the one where I got this lamp. I went down their creepy old wooden steps, into their creepy wet basement. This place is straight from a horror movie, it even has the random doors you don’t want to open. Creepiness aside I found two antique mason jars plum full of buttons marked $5 a piece. What, of course I snatched those babies up!

When I got home I was crazy busy with all of the holiday activities, and honestly had no time to get creative. My poor little guy did have a few sick days in there, and while he was on the couch I sorted them by color. I am a weirdo like that, I must have my buttons and clothes organized by color, but I can tolerate counters covered with clutter, and clothes on my closet floor. My husband loves to joke that it gets knee-deep in there.

Tonight I had the glorious opportunity to put my feet up with a glass of wine and peruse pinterest for button ideas! There are literally endless opportunities, and my ten bucks is going to go a long way.

If you have any great button projects please share!

God Bless



The Best of 2012


We had a beautiful year full of great adventures. I cherish all of the memories we have made! I got the chance to my hubby with a weekend away for his birthday. Our little boy has been the light of our year he has worked so hard, all with that gorgeous smile on his face, and a laugh in his pocket. We each tried new things. Our super hero played flag football for his first season , graduated to the front seat, and even took his mama to his first school dance (okay he kind of had to, but let me pretend while I can).  My husband has braved the waters of parenthood like a rock star, and living with a lady. He has learned to tolerate love the clutter of a house full of love, makeup, and clothes. I finished a degree (hallelujah) and adventures of living was born! Of course the highlight of the year was walking down the aisle to marry my best friend, and complete our family! The next best thing to marrying my best friend was going on a honeymoon with him 😉


Wedding Ring Shot



We celebrated the holidays surrounded by our loving family

Thank you to all of the support we have received from family, friends, and new blog friends!

2012 has been an amazing chapter in our Journey!

God Bless!