Holiday Weight Gain

Hello again!! I miss this place.

 We had a beautiful whirlwind of holiday events! It was another reminder of how blessed our family is. My husband and I polished the holiday off by watching Passion of the Christ, WOAH! I had never seen it before, and talk about a powerful message. It is easy to become numb or dull to the idea of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. If you need something to ground you and jolt you back to reality, watching this powerful movie will do!

That being said with the holidays, this year came a giant gut, yuck! I was at my in-laws for christmas, when I realized just how much weight I had actually gained this season. I looked pregnant! Not the cute teeny baby bump pregnant, but the giant 6 months pregnant. Except I was missing one thing, the baby. My pants are all squeezing my tummy, and I just feel…. ick. Last spring I decided to be a rebel, and threw my scale away. Luckily my in-laws keep one in their bathroom, of course I had to jump on board! Apparently age is catching up to me, and I can no longer eat everything in sight. My amazing husband pretends to be blind and swears he hardly notice, bless his heart!

The hubby and I have a tropical vaca this spring, and I am determined to be down at least 15 lbs, but hopefully 20 by the trip. Now, I am not a big fan of diets. The mere sight of the word makes me cringe. I do however believe in eating healthy foods and exercising. unfortunately I have not really done either for an extended period of time. I am going to bite the bullet, and make the lifestyle change. I don’t want to do it just to lose weight either, it is just over all a healthier way of living. The perks are endless!

Today the fun began…I ate some honey oat cereal with cranberries for breakfast, some light dip with crackers for lunch, and a chicken salad for dinner. The snacks sitting in the cupboard were screaming my name, but I managed to avoid them. When I am 100% committed I will go through the house and ditch my weak links :). Next week I am going gym hopping, I’ll fill you in 😉

Any suggestions for healthy recipes, snack ideas, or other fun facts are greatly appreciated!!! Anyone else joining the healthy living bandwagon?

God Bless