Winter Bucket List


Look at the beautiful winter wonder land!!

There are many times I have complained about the treacherous South Dakota winters, but there is no beauty like fresh snow! It makes the long cold winter a little brighter, that morning cup of coffee feel a little warmer, and brings a giant smile to my little mans face. There is nothing like a good old-fashioned snow day. Where you get up and put a fresh pair of pajamas on, grab those fuzzy rainbow socks in the bottom of my drawer, and sip a cup of hot coffee, LOVE it! We have been so blessed to have a couple of snow days already. As every old fella I visit at work says, “the farmers will be happy,” so is this girl! Ps…The above photos are from our backyard, yes those would be our little turkey “friends”. They are little trouble makers sometimes, someday I will tell you my turkey stories.

Winter Bucket List:

1. Hot chocolate bar party

2. Sledding

3. Make a snowman

4. Themed movie marathon

5. Winter photo shoot

6. Girls day-o-crafts

7. Organize our home

8. Start a work out routine

9. Eat healthier (this was healthy, like how I changed that to leave room for weakness?)

10. BLOG!!! 🙂

What is on your winter bucket list; Skiing, snowboarding, Naked Snow angels?

just kidding 😉

God Bless,


Holiday Weight Gain

Hello again!! I miss this place.

 We had a beautiful whirlwind of holiday events! It was another reminder of how blessed our family is. My husband and I polished the holiday off by watching Passion of the Christ, WOAH! I had never seen it before, and talk about a powerful message. It is easy to become numb or dull to the idea of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. If you need something to ground you and jolt you back to reality, watching this powerful movie will do!

That being said with the holidays, this year came a giant gut, yuck! I was at my in-laws for christmas, when I realized just how much weight I had actually gained this season. I looked pregnant! Not the cute teeny baby bump pregnant, but the giant 6 months pregnant. Except I was missing one thing, the baby. My pants are all squeezing my tummy, and I just feel…. ick. Last spring I decided to be a rebel, and threw my scale away. Luckily my in-laws keep one in their bathroom, of course I had to jump on board! Apparently age is catching up to me, and I can no longer eat everything in sight. My amazing husband pretends to be blind and swears he hardly notice, bless his heart!

The hubby and I have a tropical vaca this spring, and I am determined to be down at least 15 lbs, but hopefully 20 by the trip. Now, I am not a big fan of diets. The mere sight of the word makes me cringe. I do however believe in eating healthy foods and exercising. unfortunately I have not really done either for an extended period of time. I am going to bite the bullet, and make the lifestyle change. I don’t want to do it just to lose weight either, it is just over all a healthier way of living. The perks are endless!

Today the fun began…I ate some honey oat cereal with cranberries for breakfast, some light dip with crackers for lunch, and a chicken salad for dinner. The snacks sitting in the cupboard were screaming my name, but I managed to avoid them. When I am 100% committed I will go through the house and ditch my weak links :). Next week I am going gym hopping, I’ll fill you in 😉

Any suggestions for healthy recipes, snack ideas, or other fun facts are greatly appreciated!!! Anyone else joining the healthy living bandwagon?

God Bless


Monday Outfit!!

Oh Monday, how you come so fast!! What a wonderful weekend I had full of snuggling with my boys, girls night with my sister and niece, and Cassie time in the kitchen. Last saturday I even rolled over to see the sun shining brightly in the window, grabbed the cell phone to see 1100. WHAT hallelujah I slept in, and it felt oh so good!! About once every couple of months I get to sleep in, and I feel like a million bucks now.

That said here is my oh so fun outfit for the week. My mom and I both had Tuesday off, and had a little mini girls shopping trip. I found this locket, tunic, sweater, and purse at this cute little consignment shop we discovered.

DSC_0621 DSC_0626Total Cost: $ 172

Locket $5

Tunic $10

Belt (came with a dress I bought) Freeish

Miss Me Jeans $100 (Buckle)

Purse: $12 worth a million my favorite color 😉

Sweater $5

JC Penny Brown boots $40

God Bless You All


Chocolate Covered Sunday

It has been a crazy whirlwind of a week. To be honest I have been quite the sassy Cassie. I was stuck in a funk for several days this week. Ugh I hate those funks. Fridays events just pushed me over the edge. I cannot grasp how a person could do such a thing to anyone, but especially children. My heart breaks for all of the families that were touched be this event.

I had a great balance this weekend between having some “Cassie time” and spending time with my amazing family. I am so blessed between my wonderful family, and the amazing ladies I work with everyday. They are all angels for putting up with this Sassy lady all week. I am sure many of them thought of shoving me in a broom closet for the weekend!

I have gotten a lot of things accomplished, during my self assigned time out 😉 . I finished all of my christmas shopping and today had a Chocolate Covered Sunday. YUM! I also made a few other items that were not covered in chocolate.

Diy Christmas gift list: (pictures to come)

Brown Sugar Scrub: you can find a number of these recipes online using things you already have at home

Lightbulb Snowman Ornaments: light bulbs, puff paint, sticks, and some acrylic paint viola

Cheddar Herb Bread: SUPER easy! midwest living recipe here

Fort Kits for kiddos: Sheets, clothes pins, rope, flash light, candy, and suction cups kids love it!!

Ruler growth Chart

DIY cappuccino mix

and these scruptious ZERO Cal treats, okay just kidding but its Christmas not New Years, and you have to fatten up for the resolution.





Any fun DIY gifts?

God Bless,



6 Outfits

I have not done a fun outfit post in a while, so why not do six at once! Whenever I buy something new, I love to run home and start pulling out things I could wear it with. I have heard there is a new app for the iphone that will do this for you (how amazing is that), too bad I am an android girl ;(. I am really no fashion queen by anymeans, but I have discovered layers make the world of difference! You can jazz up something boring or simmer down that loud shirt you got last christmas just by layering it up! All of these outfits stem from my miss me jeans, purple ruffled shirt, and a simple black T.

Tada Purple Power!

 DSC_0581DSC_0546 (2) DSC_0572

Confession: My other guilty pleasure is a good pair of jeans! I am so cheap when it comes to most things, but a good pair of jeans is worth every penny! They fit better, wash better, and last longer. Jeans are an investment, and for the most part they are timeless. These specific ones are Miss Me, I love that they have the higher rise for us moms, but still have fun washes/pocket styles. I also love BKE, Silvers, and Love the comfort of Big Stars, but found they are not as durable.

Price Breakdown

Purple Gap Top $8 (consignment)

Miss Me Jeans $100 (Buckle)

Black Boots (Christmas gift from my hubby last year)

Belt $10 (reversable black/brown)

Maurices Vest $6 (consignment)

Purple Scarf $10 (consignment

Jacket it up

DSC_0556 (2) DSC_0569 (2)

Maurices Jackets

White $40 also see here

Black $30 also see here

DSC_0522 (2)DSC_0583DSC_0532 (2)

Here we have some comfy black outfits! On the left: I wore this one for a comfy shopping day with my mom. I love wearing comfy clothes to shop so it is easy to try things on! On the far left I dressed it up a little bit with my bossy boots. Middle: I sucked it in with this fitted vest, would be great for a casual friday at the office.

Add ons from above

Black gap T-shirt $3 (goodwill) also see here

Gray Sweater $5 (consignment) also see here

Pink Target Flats $12 (Clearance)

Any suggestions for cute warm shoes? That is a huge problem for me I love ballet flats, and they aren’t so great with South Dakota winters 🙂

God Bless and Happy Outfitting