Best Mascara Ever

3D Lashes Review

A few months back a co-worker introduced me to 3D Lashes Mascara.

I have tried Falsies, “designer” brands, drug store brands, and everything short of hot gluing my own hair to my face. Falsies looked fantastic, but took me about 2 hours to put on. THEN by hour 3 my eyes itched so bad I either looked like a raccoon or ripped them off. All of the others either didn’t have much impact, ended up all over my face, or worst yet irritated the bejeebers out of my eyes.

The day this gem was delivered I ran into the bathroom, applied it to one eye, then proceeded to prance around the office to see who noticed. THEY NOTICED! By the end of the week I was a Lash Legend. I even hosted a virtual party and earned some free stuff. This product literally sells itself, it was the easiest party I have ever hosted!

Since this product is all natural it does not irritate my eyes. I may have gasped at the price, but it is like great jeans, totally worth it. There is such a big impact, even on my simple days it is a must have. This stuff also has some staying power. I have slept in it and woke up smudge free!

Wide Eyed After1

Any other 3D Fiber Mascara addicts out there?

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