Twenty Finds For Less Than $20

20 items less than 20

WAAAAAHHHHOOOO!!! I scored BIG time and I am pretty dang proud of myself!

If I weren’t busy eating watermelon in my bed I would be doing the happy dance right now.

Where in the world did I shop you may ask, Garage sales! Usually I don’t buy clothes at garage sales, because frankly it is too much work. Driving around town finding the girl who wears your size, has your style, and is willing to sell her stuff in her yard (the chances are slim)….However, last weekend the local Children’s Home and Catholic Church both had big garage sales. I tell ya ladies this is the way to go.

I love big garage sales! They usually have a ton of families contributing= tons of great treasures. They tend to have blanket pricing which is how I scored all of these name brand clothes for a buck a piece. This specific church doubles as a school and had the items divided by room. The entire gym was clothes (I was in heaven). They also had a bake sale full of goodies, We were there so long I needed a snack break. Icing on the cake, I didn’t have to drive all over town trying to follow the little garage sale signs.

I am going to interrupt this blog post to thank my momma and my Tman for being such troopers during this shopping trip 😉

Anyone else hitting up garage sales lately? Tis’ the season!

Total Cost: $18.75

 1. Blue Ruffled Top $1

2. Black Comfy Tee $1

3. Crisp White Button Up $1

4. Gold Necklace $ 0.25

5. Black Date Night Top $1

6. Blue Stoned Top $1

7. Pants Suit $2

8. Ruffle Purple Top $1

9. Black pendulum Skirt $1

10. Argyle Sweater $1

11. Bead bracelets $0.25

12. Flowy Flowered Shirt $1

13. Magenta Button Up$1

 (check out the sleeve detail)

14. Watch Pack $0.25

(best deal of the day! Every nurse dreams to get 7 watch options)

15. Banana Republic Patterned Button Up $1

16. Black Pencil Skirt $1

17. Teal Dress Tank $1

18. Striped T Old Navy $1

19. Button Tie Dye Tank $1

20. Striped Sweater T Loft $1

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God Bless!


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