Easy French Manicure

I love getting a salon worthy french manicure….

BUT I hate forking out the cash to get one!!

I have tried to mimic this look many times (Hole punch stickers, band-aids, and free hand). It always ends up looking like I held the brush with my toes….UNTIL NOW!!



Total Cost: $ Less than 0.85 per manicure
($17 for supplies that have lasted over 20 manicures)

Nail Polish Remover $2

White Polish and Top Coat Here and Here $15

Flat Eye shadow Brush- Free
(Pictured is my Urban Decay one from Naked Palette)

Small glass dish for Nail Polish remover- Free
(I have used the lid of the remover too, but wanted to class it up for you 😉

French Manicure Steps
Step 1: Paint Just the tip of one nail with a thin coat of white polish. If the polish is too thick it will chip faster! (I really love the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line!)

Step 2: Dip the tip of the brush in the polish remover. Dab on a paper towel if it is too saturated.

Step 3: Gently press the brush onto the nail starting on left side and slowly swiping to the right following the natural curve of the nail. Continue to do this step until your tip is the desired width and your line is nice and clean.

Step 4: If you want a crisper look you can do another layer of white, otherwise finish it off with a top coat.

Seriously this is so easy ladies. Mine generally last 7-14 days depending on how hard on them I am. For less than a buck you can’t go wrong!!!

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