Easy French Manicure

I love getting a salon worthy french manicure….

BUT I hate forking out the cash to get one!!

I have tried to mimic this look many times (Hole punch stickers, band-aids, and free hand). It always ends up looking like I held the brush with my toes….UNTIL NOW!!



Total Cost: $ Less than 0.85 per manicure
($17 for supplies that have lasted over 20 manicures)

Nail Polish Remover $2

White Polish and Top Coat Here and Here $15

Flat Eye shadow Brush- Free
(Pictured is my Urban Decay one from Naked Palette)

Small glass dish for Nail Polish remover- Free
(I have used the lid of the remover too, but wanted to class it up for you ūüėČ

French Manicure Steps
Step 1: Paint Just the tip of one nail with a thin coat of white polish. If the polish is too thick it will chip faster! (I really love the new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line!)

Step 2: Dip the tip of the brush in the polish remover. Dab on a paper towel if it is too saturated.

Step 3: Gently press the brush onto the nail starting on left side and slowly swiping to the right following the natural curve of the nail. Continue to do this step until your tip is the desired width and your line is nice and clean.

Step 4: If you want a crisper look you can do another layer of white, otherwise finish it off with a top coat.

Seriously this is so easy ladies. Mine generally last 7-14 days depending on how hard on them I am. For less than a buck you can’t go wrong!!!

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Best Mascara Ever

3D Lashes Review

A few months back a co-worker introduced me to 3D Lashes Mascara.

I have tried Falsies, “designer” brands, drug store brands, and everything short of hot gluing my own hair to my face. Falsies looked fantastic, but took me about 2 hours to put on. THEN by hour 3 my eyes itched so bad I either looked like a raccoon or ripped them off. All of the others either didn’t have much impact, ended up all over my face, or worst yet irritated the bejeebers out of my eyes.

The day this gem was delivered I ran into the bathroom, applied it to one eye, then proceeded to prance around the office to see who noticed. THEY NOTICED! By the end of the week I was a Lash Legend. I even hosted a virtual party and earned some free stuff. This product literally sells itself, it was the easiest party I have ever hosted!

Since this product is all natural it does not irritate my eyes. I may have gasped at the price, but it is like great jeans, totally worth it. There is such a big impact, even on my simple days it is a must have. This stuff also has some staying power. I have slept in it and woke up smudge free!

Wide Eyed After1

Any other 3D Fiber Mascara addicts out there?

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Coming Back

Oh how I have missed this blog world.

All I can say is life is a crazy Adventure. It has been over a year since my last post and has happened and evolved!

We have had some fantastic ups!

Our family of three has really found our groove. Our little boy is growing like crazy and turning into this charming, funny, witty, and caring young MAN. Who BTW will be taller than his mom before we know it!

That big job switch I spoke about here has really been a life changer. I love being part of a growing and evolving company. The role gives me the ability to utilize my nursing knowledge, while continuing to collaborate with Providers, Nurses, and Administrators. Not to mention we play just as hard as we work!

God has also given us a few challenges.

We have been trying to conceive for two and a half years. Anyone that has traveled this road knows it can slowly swallow your life. There is just nothing like pouring some hormones on an emotional fire to get things burning. This experience has grown my faith and my marriage exponentially. We may never have a baby, but we already have an amazing family. I have finally come to a place of peace. I know God has something beautiful planned for us regardless. It took me some time to let go and understand it may not be what we want, the way we want it, but it WILL be beautiful.

“For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a Future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

On that note I cannot wait to get back to sharing my adventures with you all again!

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Casual vacation outfit


Total Cost: $22.50

Jeans thrifted $15

Belt Thrifted Goodwill $1.50 here

Ugg shoes Gift here

Blouse $1 here

Sweater Old Navy $5

(terrible iphone pic :(, But I got my big guy back! )

I loved this super simple outfit on our Family Vacation. We ended up in the Black Hills where the nights get a little chilly! I was so happy I packed for layers. During the day I wore this with denim shorts. ¬†I am always cold, my hubs has literally said snuggling with me is like hugging a popsicle. He is always an oven so its just another way we balance each other out. I digress…

Back to the outfit. I wore this on a chilly evening sitting next to the campfire. The men were in the back ground chatting about work, football, and hunting. Tman was running around with his instant bffs he met at the campground. There I sat with nothing to do……Gasp

It is so funny how busy we really are! Lately I am so busy I literally cannot even keep my blog up to date with all of our projects, outfits, crafts, recipes, and mommy adventures! It felt good to be in the middle of a forest, with no reception, and absolutely not a care in the world. Wearing this comfy number ūüėČ

God Bless!


3 Buck Chuck Emerald Green Maxi

emerald maxi

Total Cost: $ 26

Emerald Maxi $3

Belt Platos $3 here and here

Purse Thrifted $10 here

Shoes Uggs Gift from the hubs

Watch Gift from the hubs

White Button up Thrifted $5

Old Navy Green Cardigan $5

Man I miss my nice camera!!

He took a jump of the tripod (I was being artsy, oops), and now he has a 3 week vaca at the repair shop :(. Oh well, we are lucky to have a runner up, and it isn’t too bad. Anyhoo back to business!

A few weekends ago it was chilly on Sunday, and I was not too bummed as I stated here it gave me the opportunity to layer ūüôā I bought this maxi dress a the same time I got this one, but I splurged because this one was a whole $3!!

This is what the top part looks like:


Kinda cute for three dolllaaaasss!

I have yet to brave this dress without a cardigan, but I swear I am going too ūüėČ

God Bless,