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Back in Action

For another Pottery Barn look alike

Woah, We have had a crazy couple of months and my blogging life got shoved to the back of the closet with all the other projects I love! Finally got it pulled out and dusted off, and hope to be back in action! We have soooo many exciting things going on and I hope to do some post about all of that excitement very soon!

Today I will start with my pair of small dressers the Ugly Duckling Twins! My grandma purchased these at a garage sale for $5 a piece, proof bargain shopping is genetic! They have been traveling around with me for the past 8 years, 3 states, and 7 homes, proof hoarding is genetic ;). The past couple of years has been hard on these girls and they needed a facelift! So I set them up on a date with my new boyfriend AKA the belt sander (best $50 spent this month), in love! My husband is concerned.


I started by pulling these ladies out on our patio and wiped them down. I didn’t get too crazy as I new my boyfriend would do the heavy work. I then unscrewed all of the knobs, pulled out the drawers, put my headphones in, and sanded away. I started with a course medium grit sand paper on the belt sander, then used a fine grit sandpaper by hand to smooth everything out.

Few rules I learned about the belt sander:

1. Course could sand the metal off a car in 2.5 seconds its a little extreme and leaves little room for errors

2. Sand with the grain of the wood

3. Sand off anything that is pealing, or it will peal later

4. Move the belt sander and try not to push too hard or you will leave grooves and dents

5. Let the sander do the work, and say good by to your bingo wings

Once sanding was completed I splurged and got paint and primer in one (antique white) for $9 a quart at Menards, worth every penny. I have been cheap for years buying primer then paint, and finally have learned it just isn’t worth it for most projects. I also had some Floetrol from a previous project, this stuff is fantastic. Some nice gentleman at Menards recommended it and I could just hug this guy. You just follow the directions on the container, it prolongs drying time, and helps paint dry without roller spots or brush strokes. With a brush I just painted away, pretty simple stuff!

Drawer Pulls

For the pulls I knew the old wood painted ones needed to go, and I love the look of the oil rubbed metal but hated the price $5-6 per pull, no way! I ended up finding these pulls for $2 on clearance, but clearly the color didn’t match my antique white pottery barn wannabe look.


I used the same technique for these that I used in this post. first I sprayed these with a layer of Rust-oleum metallic in Bronze. Then I went over it with a light coat of FLAT black, before it dries I use a paper towel to rub some off. I continued this technique until I got the desired affect. Here is the final project complete. I know I keep talking about these as a pair, but confession I still need to add the knobs to the second dresser. Their first new home will be on each side of our bed as night stands!


Can’t believe I forgot to mention I pulled off the retro legs and exchanged for these gorgeous things! I also Found similar dressers at pottery barn priced at $800-$1000 each!

 My Project Cost: $91

Dressers $10

Paint $9

Pulls $48

Legs $24

 Total Savings:$ 1500-1900

Ps Thank you to all of you, who have reached out and asked me to get my blog on again! It means a lot to know you guys  miss it as much as I do!!

God Bless,


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Pb table

We hit a home run again on this piece looks like the pb table below

. My husband purchased this table in his bachelor days at a outlet store for $300 that includes the chairs. I love the contrast between the dark wood and black body. It fits into our home perfectly. The best part is I found one almost exactly like it on the PB website for $1600! Check it out:


See site here

……And did I mention the chairs are another $250 a piece for a grand totale of $2600 for the set!


see site here



As I told my husband here she is with her clothes on…….


He likes it better with the top showing, but as I told him I like him with his shirt off too…..But he has to get dressed when company comes 😉

Enjoy and God Bless! C

Pottery Barn Look Alike

 The Journey of One Dresser

This dresser entered my life during childhood. I first remember it in my mom’s basement to store homeless clutter. Of course somewhere a long the line when I moved out I inherited this beut! For a long time it was hidden anywhere possible as its original state is a little homely.


Exhibit A:

Homely FREE Dresser


The Make-Over Begins

This is why he is my superhero! He not only helps, but wears that gorgeous smile while he does it! I missed the first few steps with the camera. The very first step was to remove the drawers and hardware. Then comes the part kids are good at…..Sanding. This step is very important. I have painted furniture in the past and skipped the prep. You will regret it, because all it takes is a small bump and it will chip or peel. I prefer to use an electric sander and so does T. After you sand take a damp clothe and get off all of the residue.

Once prep is complete, I wanted to highlight the grain on the top of the dresser, so I applied a dark coat of stain I had in the disaster zone storage room. Then I took some gift wrapping boxes and cut them apart to fit the top, and taped in place.

Last I used some primer and sprayed a light coat all over. Then I just layered the cream spray paint to desired effect. The day I did this it was literally 110 degrees outside. My neighbors thought I was completely mad! Many of them cruised by the house while I did this, to tell me so too! 🙂 Anyways, in order to stay alive and keep from melting I kept hosing off. Then I dripped on the project. At first I thought for sure I had ruined and would spend the rest of the day sanding and repainting, but then magic happened……



Step Two: Hardware

I contemplated purchasing new hardware, but got impatient and decided to reuse what was already on this. First, I prepped the surface like I did with the dresser ie: sand, clean, prime. Then I sprayed a layer of black, and let dry. For the key step to these pulls you need to have your black spray paint, bronze spray paint, and a paper towel handy. I sprayed a layer of bronze, immediately after a layer of black, and then before they dried placed on a paper towel and spun them. It took a few tries, and I may have spilled a few choice words…..This was towards the end of the day. Eventually I ended up with these:


The After:


Project Cost: $16

Primer (free left over from another project)

3 Bottles Cream Spray Paint $12

1 Bottle Spray Clear Coat (free from another project)

1 Bottle black Spray Paint (free from another project)

1 Bottle Metalic Bronze Spray Paint $4

Dresser Free!


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