Wax, shave, or move to Europe?

Nearly every female that has walked this earth in the last 50 or so years has had this very dilema. I am not sure where on the timeline this became a thing for women. I mean for Petes Sakes God put hair all over our darn bodies, and now we shave it, wax it, pluck it, fry it, and any crazy thing we can do to get it off. Here is the punch line it flipping grows right back. If you are fortunate like myself you have jet black prickles poking out by the time you hop out of the shower. Bonus I have super sensative skin for example; there was a period where I broke out in hives anytime I touched my husband more than five minutes. Thank the Lord we figured that out. So what is a girl to do?

I finally decided I was going to try this waxing thing again. Of course I drug my closest friend in on it, this isn’t necessarily somthing you want to brave on your own! Sure you could splurge on a salon wax, but thats for wimps 😉 This friend and I have tried this before back in college. Back then we were on a college budget and bought whatever walmart carried at the time. We ended up hairless with a sticky mess. Needless to say we learned from this mistake, and decided to pitch in and by the professional kit.

We drug our kids to the Sally store after a long day and her little one missed his nap, it made for an interesting shopping trip. They had a special running that if you bought the pot you got a free tub of wax, strips, and a how to video (should have watched it), SOLD. We also got the giant bottle of wax remover and some applicators. Total Cost $40 + Wine

We started by polishing off bottle of wine (pregame), layed an old sheet on the floor, and plugged the pot in. We did our lower legs, and I have to say we were really impressed. I only winced in pain a few times, and we both literally rolled on the floor laughing at the entire experience. Her poor husband braved the room briefly and left the room shaking his head. Over all, this was by far better than our last experience, and with minimal sticky mess.

This is where it went south! She thought it went so smooth she wanted me to do her underarms. Yep that whole close friend card came into play here. I was a little hesitent, but she asured me she would be fine. I put the wax on (there is no returning after this :S), then the strip (nail  biting) then……RIIIIP ….and there was blood. No joke instantly bleeding. She is one tough chick, because she wanted me to still do the other side…After that we used the giant bottle of wax remover …minutes later my legs were covered in itchy hives….really!

Good news it lasted nearly a couple of weeks, and I am sure it would last longer on a normal chick. I would do it again, and even brave it solo if I had to. I even thought about venturing to the bikini line, but then I read this story.  If you are even considering the idea you have to read this story, I literally laughed out loud with tears in my eyes. This poooooor girl! Needless to say I vote for leg waxing minus the hives. Anyone else struggle with hair removal methods?

God Bless!


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