3 Buck Chuck Paisley Dress

I have literally taken a six month hiatus from shopping….. Terribly heart wrenching I know!  Life has just been ridiculously crazy so my thrift shop addiction took a cruz in the back seat… Until the other day (happy dance inserted here) , I took my lunch break at one of my favorite little hot spots, Goodwill. It was like running into an old friend, loved it!

Below is the steel I found for $3. First off I inherited my love for paisley from my mother, but I think the colors make it fresh! After much research with my pal Google I feel very confident confirming I am in fact a cool fair skinned Chica. Therefore I found a hair color that is “supposed” to look great with my pasty white birthday suit and reaffirmed that I need to wear cool colors (ie jewel tones, greens, blues, purples)!

Fun facts of how I solved this cool vs. warm skin dilemma. Cool Skinned people’s veins are blue (check out your inner wrist) and they look best in crisp white and silver jewelry. Warmed skinned people’s veins are green (because they have a yellow undertone to their skin yellow +blue= green favorite part right there folks) and they look best in ivory and gold jewelry. BAM…. Ps I may possibly be on the people of Wal-Mart website due to researching via my iPhone in the hair color isle.

green dress blogTotal Cost: $29

Paisley Dress Goodwill          $3

Tan Wedges Banana Republic Thrifted    $10

Necklace Gift

Tan Leather Belt Thrifted $3

Sunglasses Target $13

Thanks for stopping and God Bless