3 Buck Chuck Emerald Green Maxi

emerald maxi

Total Cost: $ 26

Emerald Maxi $3

Belt Platos $3 here and here

Purse Thrifted $10 here

Shoes Uggs Gift from the hubs

Watch Gift from the hubs

White Button up Thrifted $5

Old Navy Green Cardigan $5

Man I miss my nice camera!!

He took a jump of the tripod (I was being artsy, oops), and now he has a 3 week vaca at the repair shop :(. Oh well, we are lucky to have a runner up, and it isn’t too bad. Anyhoo back to business!

A few weekends ago it was chilly on Sunday, and I was not too bummed as I stated here it gave me the opportunity to layer 🙂 I bought this maxi dress a the same time I got this one, but I splurged because this one was a whole $3!!

This is what the top part looks like:


Kinda cute for three dolllaaaasss!

I have yet to brave this dress without a cardigan, but I swear I am going too 😉

God Bless,


Cardigan + Plaid = Preppy

preppy Collage.jpg

Total Cost:  $36.50

Target Cardigan Clearance $12

Green Old Navy T Goodwill $3

Plaid American Eagle top Goodwill $3

Belt Goodwill $1.50

Old Pants Old Navy Clearance $10

Coral Flats Banana Republic Playtos $7

I rolled out of bed to a light drizzle this morning and loved it! I sleep so well when it rains and love it even more when it storms. It has been pretty warm here the last few weeks, so it was a nice relief to be cooled down with some rain. It also made for a great excuse to wear this cardigan I snagged off the clearance rack a few weeks ago. I am working on my layering skills and have found all the experts aka fashionista bloggers wear cute cardigans over almost every outfit. I am by no means an expert, but I have fun looking for ideas and giving them a try! After all we change clothes daily anyways so if it doesn’t work I only looked homeless for the day 😉

I wore this outfit to the Teen Mops meeting tonight. I recently joined this group as a mentor. Every time I leave feeling so blessed to be a part of the group. I was sixteen when I had my little super hero, and it has been such a journey. I took parenting classes, was part of different teen mom groups, but nothing this amazing. This group is more of a bible study or life group type mops. The journey of a teen parent can be extremely challenging, but I love that these young ladies take time out of their life to meet, support each other, and open their hearts to the love of Christ. Every time I leave I just can’t wait for the next meeting!

Tonight my superhero went with to help with childcare, and this momma was oh so proud of him! One of the little boys there just loved him, and even ran up to give him a good bye hug, melted my heart! The lesson tonight was on Family. We read about Joshua and his choice for his family to follow the God who had provided for them, instead of faith in idols his ancestors followed. We then talked about how are families are now, what we wish for them, and what God has in store for them. The leader tonight did an excellent job!

God Bless Cassie

3 Buck Chuck Paisley Dress

I have literally taken a six month hiatus from shopping….. Terribly heart wrenching I know!  Life has just been ridiculously crazy so my thrift shop addiction took a cruz in the back seat… Until the other day (happy dance inserted here) , I took my lunch break at one of my favorite little hot spots, Goodwill. It was like running into an old friend, loved it!

Below is the steel I found for $3. First off I inherited my love for paisley from my mother, but I think the colors make it fresh! After much research with my pal Google I feel very confident confirming I am in fact a cool fair skinned Chica. Therefore I found a hair color that is “supposed” to look great with my pasty white birthday suit and reaffirmed that I need to wear cool colors (ie jewel tones, greens, blues, purples)!

Fun facts of how I solved this cool vs. warm skin dilemma. Cool Skinned people’s veins are blue (check out your inner wrist) and they look best in crisp white and silver jewelry. Warmed skinned people’s veins are green (because they have a yellow undertone to their skin yellow +blue= green favorite part right there folks) and they look best in ivory and gold jewelry. BAM…. Ps I may possibly be on the people of Wal-Mart website due to researching via my iPhone in the hair color isle.

green dress blogTotal Cost: $29

Paisley Dress Goodwill          $3

Tan Wedges Banana Republic Thrifted    $10

Necklace Gift

Tan Leather Belt Thrifted $3

Sunglasses Target $13

Thanks for stopping and God Bless


Outfit of the Week

Another Monday off brings another fun fall outfit! I have been getting sick of my regular dress slacks, as my grandma would say, and they are very grandmaish. We have a business casual dress code at work, so I decided it was time for some colored skinnys in this girls closet. We had a girls day last weekend to hit up all of the consignment shops. I didn’t feel like spending a ton on these, because they may be a fad. The only time I spend a good amount on clothing is if it is a staple that is timeless. I ended up with white (I realize this is not a color but couldn’t resist), army green, and jewel tone pink (These are blog worthy for sure!).  Here is what I came up with:

DSC_0510casual to…

DSC_0540dressed up with a fitted white jacket


Total Cost: $69-$104

denim shirt (consignment shop) $7

Rue 21 Scarf $5 also pictured here

Green Skinnys $12

JC Penny Brown boots $40

White Jacket maurices $40

Grey Sweater (consignment shop) $5

God bless! C

My $3 skirt make over

My relationship with this skirt started at Goodwill, ( of course.) I know many people are afraid to step in the front door, my child included. I will tell you what I told him, this is not a store, but a treasure hunt. He has enjoyed the hunt ever since! There are so many deals to be had here people, put on your big girl pants and jump in! The other tip I have about this store is don’t see pieces for what they are. “What do you mean?” you may ask. Well, I found this skirt in the extra-large section, it was a size 13/14. I am a size 4 to 8 depending on how many oreo truffles I have eaten, this week I am closer to an 8.  Now without further ado, Let me introduce you to:


         Yes, I just named this skirt. I named her Betty, because it sounds like an old lady name.

I am pretty sure her original home was in the closet of a 75-year-old women 😉


First of all, I am not a sewer by any means. I made my dad a iPod case last year out of an old leather jacket and sweater, it took me 6 days, and I literally had injuries by the end of it. So, if I can do this Anyone can I just took the skirt and folded little sections about half an inch gatherings at a time on the back, and then sewed them in place. The seasoned sewer would call these pleats, as in old man pants. I didn’t worry about how it looked, because I knew I will be covering it with a junky belt. This picture won’t be winning any contest, but you get the point:


 Now meet Sassy Betsy!




Total outfit cost: $46

Skirt $3 Goodwill

Jacket $30 maurices

Black gap T-shirt $3 Goodwill

Maurices Black belt $10


So, that is the three dollar skirt my friends. I love how versatile it is! I can wear it this summer with a tank (white, black, grey, lavender)  and some sassy silver sandals. One of the greatest features about this skirt is it has a frilly layered bottom. The other day I wore it to work with grey boots, and the jacket . Thanks for checking her out! Drop me a message and let me know what you think. God Bless! C