Cutting My Super Heros Hair!

Monday we had no school, and work off. Shorty needed a hair cut, I like his hair short for hat season (otherwise he looks like a homeless child with his hair sticking up all over the place). I have been cutting his hair on and off since he was little. What a huge money saver! If I were to get his hair cut every two to three weeks it would cost between $208 and $312 per year (that is figuring $12 per cut, many places are more). I bought a $20 clipper kit, and bam cheap haircuts here we come!! I found this great tutorial online from a hairstylist who has been doing it for about 11 years. Check it out here . She also has some great organization, beauty, and recipe post!


He loves getting his hair cut ;). In his defense when I first started doing it, I took FOREVER. Now it is about 20 minutes…pretty good for an ametour. I have even started cutting my teenage brothers hair. My husband has not been brave enough yet, but in time 😉