Casual Fall Monday

My Casual fall Monday outfit:

            This Monday, is my day off. I am a 72 hour employee therefore every two week pay period I get a glorious day off! I fantasize about this day the other days of my work week. Yes, I know I am fortunate to be a nurse who has most weekends off, but any wife/mother can tell you a weekend day off is entirely different than a week day off. During these days off I usually hit my to do list pretty hard, and occasionally I spend some bonding time with my couch! This monday however, I need to get my oil changed, check on the budget, take my son to tutoring, clean the house, do the laundry, put a few things on Craigslist, and of course blog to your cute faces.  Here I sit at the dealership with my laptop loaded blogging about my steel of an outfit. Let me introduce you to my first blogged outfit:


Head to toe breakdown:

Scarf (rue 21) $5 (orig who knows)

Blue T-shirt (consignment shop) 5$ (orig $15+)

Maurices Green Jacket (Consignment shop) $9 (orig $40+)

Vittorio Purse (Consignment shop) $7 (orig $130 +)

Charlotte Russe Skinny jeans $10 (orig $30+)

Rue 21 Boots $15 (orig $30+)

Approximate Original Price: $255

My Bargain Price: $51

God Bless!