Sew Many Buttons So Little Time


Sew Many Buttons So Little Time


A few weeks back I was back to that little town full of great antique shops, the one where I got this lamp. I went down their creepy old wooden steps, into their creepy wet basement. This place is straight from a horror movie, it even has the random doors you don’t want to open. Creepiness aside I found two antique mason jars plum full of buttons marked $5 a piece. What, of course I snatched those babies up!

When I got home I was crazy busy with all of the holiday activities, and honestly had no time to get creative. My poor little guy did have a few sick days in there, and while he was on the couch I sorted them by color. I am a weirdo like that, I must have my buttons and clothes organized by color, but I can tolerate counters covered with clutter, and clothes on my closet floor. My husband loves to joke that it gets knee-deep in there.

Tonight I had the glorious opportunity to put my feet up with a glass of wine and peruse pinterest for button ideas! There are literally endless opportunities, and my ten bucks is going to go a long way.

If you have any great button projects please share!

God Bless