Parent moments

Parent Moments of the Week

Kids Day

Super Hero: “Why don’t we have a kids day? We have a Mother Day, Fathers Day, and Grandparents day. What about the kids?

Hubby: “Everday is a kids day. “

Funday Monday

Monday night Super hero comes out of his room

Super Hero: “Hey Mom, is tomorrow Friday yet?”

Me (holding back laughter): “No buddy, it’s only Monday we still have four more days this week.”

Super Here: head down, back into his room, “Oh man!”

Hubby and I look at each other, and both admit we feel his pain!

DSC_00762Snow Pants

So for about the tenth time this year my child has lost his snow pants again. This led to numerous conversations at one of our holiday gatherings, because he could not go outside to play in the snow. My aunt was trying to be helpful and….

Aunt: “Buddy, you have to think of them like underwear, because you have to put them on everyday before you leave the house.”

<—–Super Hero: With a disgusted look on his face , “You only have one pair of underwear, gross.”

He is such a literal child!

God Bless!


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