The Best of 2012


We had a beautiful year full of great adventures. I cherish all of the memories we have made! I got the chance to my hubby with a weekend away for his birthday. Our little boy has been the light of our year he has worked so hard, all with that gorgeous smile on his face, and a laugh in his pocket. We each tried new things. Our super hero played flag football for his first season , graduated to the front seat, and even took his mama to his first school dance (okay he kind of had to, but let me pretend while I can).  My husband has braved the waters of parenthood like a rock star, and living with a lady. He has learned to tolerate love the clutter of a house full of love, makeup, and clothes. I finished a degree (hallelujah) and adventures of living was born! Of course the highlight of the year was walking down the aisle to marry my best friend, and complete our family! The next best thing to marrying my best friend was going on a honeymoon with him 😉


Wedding Ring Shot



We celebrated the holidays surrounded by our loving family

Thank you to all of the support we have received from family, friends, and new blog friends!

2012 has been an amazing chapter in our Journey!

God Bless!


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