Winter Bucket List


Look at the beautiful winter wonder land!!

There are many times I have complained about the treacherous South Dakota winters, but there is no beauty like fresh snow! It makes the long cold winter a little brighter, that morning cup of coffee feel a little warmer, and brings a giant smile to my little mans face. There is nothing like a good old-fashioned snow day. Where you get up and put a fresh pair of pajamas on, grab those fuzzy rainbow socks in the bottom of my drawer, and sip a cup of hot coffee, LOVE it! We have been so blessed to have a couple of snow days already. As every old fella I visit at work says, “the farmers will be happy,” so is this girl! Ps…The above photos are from our backyard, yes those would be our little turkey “friends”. They are little trouble makers sometimes, someday I will tell you my turkey stories.

Winter Bucket List:

1. Hot chocolate bar party

2. Sledding

3. Make a snowman

4. Themed movie marathon

5. Winter photo shoot

6. Girls day-o-crafts

7. Organize our home

8. Start a work out routine

9. Eat healthier (this was healthy, like how I changed that to leave room for weakness?)

10. BLOG!!! 🙂

What is on your winter bucket list; Skiing, snowboarding, Naked Snow angels?

just kidding 😉

God Bless,


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