6 Outfits

I have not done a fun outfit post in a while, so why not do six at once! Whenever I buy something new, I love to run home and start pulling out things I could wear it with. I have heard there is a new app for the iphone that will do this for you (how amazing is that), too bad I am an android girl ;(. I am really no fashion queen by anymeans, but I have discovered layers make the world of difference! You can jazz up something boring or simmer down that loud shirt you got last christmas just by layering it up! All of these outfits stem from my miss me jeans, purple ruffled shirt, and a simple black T.

Tada Purple Power!

 DSC_0581DSC_0546 (2) DSC_0572

Confession: My other guilty pleasure is a good pair of jeans! I am so cheap when it comes to most things, but a good pair of jeans is worth every penny! They fit better, wash better, and last longer. Jeans are an investment, and for the most part they are timeless. These specific ones are Miss Me, I love that they have the higher rise for us moms, but still have fun washes/pocket styles. I also love BKE, Silvers, and Love the comfort of Big Stars, but found they are not as durable.

Price Breakdown

Purple Gap Top $8 (consignment)

Miss Me Jeans $100 (Buckle)

Black Boots (Christmas gift from my hubby last year)

Belt $10 (reversable black/brown)

Maurices Vest $6 (consignment)

Purple Scarf $10 (consignment

Jacket it up

DSC_0556 (2) DSC_0569 (2)

Maurices Jackets

White $40 also see here

Black $30 also see here

DSC_0522 (2)DSC_0583DSC_0532 (2)

Here we have some comfy black outfits! On the left: I wore this one for a comfy shopping day with my mom. I love wearing comfy clothes to shop so it is easy to try things on! On the far left I dressed it up a little bit with my bossy boots. Middle: I sucked it in with this fitted vest, would be great for a casual friday at the office.

Add ons from above

Black gap T-shirt $3 (goodwill) also see here

Gray Sweater $5 (consignment) also see here

Pink Target Flats $12 (Clearance)

Any suggestions for cute warm shoes? That is a huge problem for me I love ballet flats, and they aren’t so great with South Dakota winters 🙂

God Bless and Happy Outfitting


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