John Deer Birthday

 My best friend is super creative! She is always great about throwing a party together, and coming up with great activities for the kiddos. This year was John Deer themed!

 Check it out:

Here are some snapshots of the decorations! The bottom photo is the cookie bar!!

Sugar Cookies


Popcorn Balls


Chocolate Chip






Top: We filled balloons with toys and candy (two person task btw!) then blew them up. The kiddos got to pop them with a BBQ stick. Great substitute for a pinata

Middle: She got these great foam “hats” and farm stickers. All the kiddos decorated their own hat.

Bottom: She made a John Deer tractor and the kiddos played pin the wheel on the tractor

Here are some great pics of the party guest:

 Top Left: Family picture before the birthday boy made his wish

Top Right: He is in love with John deer tractors

Bottom Left:The birthday boy giving his auntie Love

Bottom Right: At the end of the night we made it through the party……We both were working on no sleep

Getting ready to open presents….Isn’t this chair adorable! She found it and tons of other adorable things on

These boys were far too cool to smile….So I decided to tell them I was going to smooch them both if they didn’t…Love their reaction

Future prom date?

God Bless!


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