My Caffeine Addiction Continues….

Hello, My name is Cassie and I am addicted to caffeine! I literally don’t know if I could survive life without my coffee and of course chocolate. I have a weakness for those fancy coffee house drinks….yum!! It started when my beautiful boy entered my world. No one tells you that you will go years without a full nights sleep..Either that or I thought my baby would be the one to break all the odds. Either way between having an infant, going to college, and working I have developed a major addiction.

The other day we I was sitting at work trying to explain the depth of my addiction to someone, when the case manager popped up and said, “you are like the squirrel from Over the Hedge.” hahaha yeah yeah okay…then I went home and googled this Squirrel…Yep that’s me I load up on caffeine and ping my way through visits.

here is a clip for anyone who needs the refreshing I did.

In honor of this great addition to my life I have decided to release my White Mocha recipe to you folks. Use at your own discretion 😉


White hot chocolate powder $3

International delights iced coffee (I use vanilla) $3

milk $3

espresso (finely ground coffee or beans) pennies

Step one: make your espresso. If you don’t have a espresso machine

you can make really strong coffee in the coffee pot. Pour into cup

Step Two: pour half milk half iced coffee mix into your container and froth. If you


have an espresso machine put this in a Rubbermaid and shake until frothy then

microwave. pour into cup, use spoon to keep froth behind, and set aside.

Step Three: Put white chocolate powder in to taste. Once it is the way you want,

pour froth on top.

Tada! There you have your very own White Moch…Happy Zooms

Happy Monday! God Bless! C

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