Turkey Day Tradition Numero Dos

We just started this tradition last year! My husband taught us this one, again he is such a smarty. We DO NOT do black friday. I have done it in the past, but I just don’t find it necessary. We are great bargain shoppers at our house already. We do however use the black friday ads as entertainment.

Last year was our first year doing this, but I loved it so much that I have decided it has made the offical tradition list. My husbands family did something similar to this, every Thanksgiving. Each member of our family gets a blank piece of paper, we sprawl across the living room floor with the ads, and create our christmas wishlist. Once each of our list are completed we post them on the fridge until christmas. I actually used these list through out the year for birthdays and for gift ideas for other family members (especially boys). I will share our list once they are established 🙂



List Rules:

prices must vary

you must make a list

the list must be long (that way you don’t know what you are going to get!)

God Bless! C

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