Turkey Day Traditions

I have a number of families, literally five or six groups. What can I say our little trio is super loved! One of my families has a great Thanksgiving tradition. Instead of celebrating the holiday on Thursday, they get together on Friday. This allows everyone to get together with the in-laws, without running to six houses in one day. The other thing they do is a themed dinner.

For Example:


German (the worst of them all)






and the list could go on….

We tend to go for cultures, but the theme could really be anything; colors, appetizers, Luau, Western, Southern, and classic american dishes. Everyone brings a dish, which takes the work off of one person. Then you can take a picture of each dish as it arrives. Everyone has to bring their recipe. Then our ooober organized aunt makes a recipe book from that thanksgiving. You could even add pictures from the days events, and have everyone record what they were thankful for that year. Fun huh!! What are your Turkey day traditions?

God Bless! C

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