Party Poms

 My nephew had his 4th birthday this weekend, and my best friend (aka sister God sent later in life ;)) is the party queen. She has always been amazing at decorating, and organizing the day with activities. Anyway she made these great poms for her fall festival party last month and decided to do it again for the John Deer party. They are super inexpensive, approximetly 50 cents a piece. Meanwhile the big party stores sell them for 3 for $7. I loved them so much I think I may do some christmas ones as decor for the holidays! The best part is she posted party pictures on facebook, and someone sent her a message asking to buy all of the decor, how awesome is that!!


Tissue paper

small Scissors

ribbon, string, or fishing line.

push pins or tape

DSC_0003Step one: Lay out tissue paper, we used 10 pieces, but you could use more or less depending on the size.

DSC_0005Step two: Bifold the paper accordian style, we had the best luck folding in approximetly 1-2 inch sections

DSC_0008Step three: tie with a ribbon, leave a long tail this is what you will use to hang it, and we had teh best luck tieing tightly

DSC_0012Step 4: using a small siccors cut one layer at at time from side to side to make a point like this

DSC_0183Step 5: fan each side out, seperate each sheet, and fluff

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