Outfit of the Week

Another Monday off brings another fun fall outfit! I have been getting sick of my regular dress slacks, as my grandma would say, and they are very grandmaish. We have a business casual dress code at work, so I decided it was time for some colored skinnys in this girls closet. We had a girls day last weekend to hit up all of the consignment shops. I didn’t feel like spending a ton on these, because they may be a fad. The only time I spend a good amount on clothing is if it is a staple that is timeless. I ended up with white (I realize this is not a color but couldn’t resist), army green, and jewel tone pink (These are blog worthy for sure!).  Here is what I came up with:

DSC_0510casual to…

DSC_0540dressed up with a fitted white jacket


Total Cost: $69-$104

denim shirt (consignment shop) $7

Rue 21 Scarf $5 also pictured here

Green Skinnys $12

JC Penny Brown boots $40

White Jacket maurices $40

Grey Sweater (consignment shop) $5

God bless! C

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