Attention all Winos!!

My saturday night guilty pleasure is curling up with a warm blanket, in comfies (our houses code word for PJs), with this glass in hand. It is the perfect way to relax and unwind! We were introduced to this product at an art festival this summer, and I still have a stock in the freezer. It is super simple too, just one bottle of wine, one bottle of water (using wine bottle), and one box of mix. I put it in a Rubbermaid and store it in the freezer, and add a little wine to the mixture every time I scoop it in the class. You can purchase them and other great products here . They have all kinds of suggestions based on what type of wines you prefer. I lean towards the sweet wines, and added a Moscato. Bonus it comes with this really adorable little charm with it. I am determined to find a project I can repurpose it for. So stay tuned….

DSC_0460Final result!


This is what it looks like in the freezer…there are days where I fantasize about this..haha

DSC_0465The actual product

Anyone else tried this? What did you think? Happy Saturday 🙂

God Bless!


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