Q & A

To make a short story long, as my husband says, I have had several questions since starting this blog. I thought a Q & A post would be a great opportunity to answer some of those questions for you shy folks who haven’t asked them yet 😉

Grab Your Cup of Coffee Q & A Time


Side note: Man I love this cup, we have been through good and bad times together 🙂

What made you start your blog?

Last year when I went back to school I had class for 6+ hours every Thursday and Friday (ie 12 hours of fun), and what better time to start a hobby right. My instructors were wonderful, amazing nurses, but no one can capture my attention for that long in one sitting (plus I had to be quite, which is not one of my many talents). This is when I entered the world of pinterest and started checking out blogs. I became completely inspired to start thinking out of the box in my own life. I have always loved crafting, bargains, cute clothes, being a mom, and sharing my adventures with those around me.

Fast forward to this summer. I finished school and started a new position at work. This has kept me busy, but I had more free time then I have every had in my entire life. I literally did not know what to do with myself. I needed a hobby, something to call my own, and a way to relax. I attempted several things, but nothing really captured my attention. Then I had an aha moment with some help from those I love….I could blog and share all of my loves with you! Thus Adventures of Living was born.

How do you have time to write a blog?

This part is actually much easier then I had ever imagined, so far. Most of my post are just about my everyday adventures, so I am not really doing anything different than usual. I do snap a few more pictures, but that’s about it. The other thing that helps is my boys are very involved. I don’t do my post by myself. When I cook or bake my son and/or husband is usually right there in the kitchen with me. The other night I attempted (keyword) to make a duct tape dress form. My husband, bless his heart, jumped for the opportunity to wrap his wife in duct tape, and my son took pictures. The actual act of blogging all these things doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Bonus I enjoy doing it and I feel like it is more productive than me sitting on pinterest for 2 hours 😉

Where do you get your blog ideas?

Surprisingly, I haven’t had a hard time coming up with post ideas at all. Again, I am very early in the process. So, when I start blogging about paint drying you will know I need some inspiration.  I have a crazy life full of adventures between being a mom, wife, nurse, crafter, and girly girl. Believe it or not, that is what makes it easy. I could probably post about 10 things in my average day. Some day this may be difficult, but I don’t see that happening in the near future.

Thanks for all of your great questions, keep them coming! Starting this week Friday will be my Q&A blog topic. I will be answering any questions I get throughout the week weather it be about blogging, family, faith, decorating, shopping (I love this one), or DIY topics I am pretty much an open book! Happy Friday everyone.

God Bless C!

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