Pottery barn lamp

Alright, so this lamp has a story, as with everything in my house! I have mentioned before I am a nurse that travels to patients homes, well one day my patient was not home, and I was out of town. So, I had to entertain myself for awhile (never a problem). This town has the cutest main street, straight from my dreams. It is lined with antique shops!!! Heaven on earth people. While in one of these antique shops I stumbled across this great lamp:


Now stationed in my living room here

Isn’t it adorable. I toted this thing around in the back seat of my car, and drug it into every store that may have a shade. My son and I took her to the dressing room shade isle and found this great shade at target. I love that it adds some texture to the simple white base.

Now here is the best part! I went home and did some looking on the famous pottery barn website and came across this lamp. It is the same style as mine, but mine doesn’t have the silver base detail. The total cost of their lamp is $99, the shade is another $44, and the grand total is $143. Check it out here

DSC_0542My total Cost: $16.50

Lamp (Antique treasure) $4.50

Shade (Target) $12

Total Savings: $126.50

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