Up Do From Small Things

One of the very first blogs I ever checked out was “The Small Things Blog”. She has such a menu of beautiful hairstyles and outfits! I have always been adventurous with my hair, after all it is always reversible. Since tracking her blog though I have gone out of my comfort zone, and had tons of compliments on it. Here is an example of one of her updos.

green collage

Check out her full tutorial here

Now here is my version of this style using her video tutorial. WARNING: I do have enough hair to cover the heads of an entire village of bald children in Africa, just to give you an idea. So yes I used a butt load of bobby pins, but overall this was not too complicated.


Isn’t this a cute easy look!

Here is the 360 View

hairstyle collage

Who is your favorite blogger?

As I ask my husband all the time! What do you think on a scale of 0-10?

Happy Styling!

God Bless,


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