Eye Opening

In honor of the election I, of course, had to do a post! I thought I would start out with a quotes.

“People never lie so much as after a hunt, during a war, or before an election.”

~Otto Von Bismark

I don’t know Otto too well, but something tells me we could be friends 😉 I have never believed this more than with this election. I truly was not in love with either candidate, and felt I was picking from bad to worse. That being said I hope everyone in this country that was able to get out and vote, did. If you didn’t you better make a trip to Wal-Mart and purchase some duct tape.

Our household alone has many friends and family members who have put their lives on the line to fight for our right to stand in line and fill those bubbles! So on behalf of my household thank you for sacrificing a warm bed, good meals, watching your kids open christmas gifts, the birth of your first child, or knowing you would kiss your loved ones again. There are not  enough words in the world that could replace what so many men and women have sacrificed for our freedom. Here is a scary thought for you……

“This is a frightening statistic; More people vote in ‘American Idol’ than in any US election”

Rush Limbaugh

Yikes!! Here is the good news America is a relatively young country. Think about it like this; we are just entering the teenage years filled with rebellion and a few bad decisions. Today I learned a few things that made me proud to say I am an American! This morning an early twenty something guy walked into the office with blue college scrubs and a mohawk. My case manager looked at me with the ppppplease face, and I jumped under the bus to have the student follow me for the day. I quickly learned, I was not jumping in front of the bus, but rather on board. He ended up being extremely interesting. He is an exchange student from Norway, here for the semester. He brought with him so much excitement and anticipation related to this election. At one point he even turned to me and said, “aren’t you excited you get to vote for the leader of the free world!”

Through out the day we compared notes between Norway and the United States. There everything is dictated by what would be related to our Federal government. By the end of the day I realized America is the snotty teenager that has no idea how good we have it. I get up and go to a job I love everyday, come home to a family I love, live in a beautiful home, go to whichever church I choose without fear, and literally just do whatever the heck my heart pleases. I have never really gone with out the basic necessities, and rarely in this country do we ever go without. So regardless of who stands on the podium this January we are still very blessed to call ourselves American!

I do not look upon these United States as a finished product. We are still in the making.

~Franklin D Roosevelt

God Bless!



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