Say Cheese!

It was a sad day in my house when picnic shut it’s basket! I loved how user friendly it was, not to mention it was budget friendly. I had the upgraded package which was about $25 per year. After the funeral my beautiful camera hung in the closet. I  purchased a Nikon D 5000 about 3 years ago, but have yet to venture out of the auto feature (It is on my to do list). Picnic allowed me to take my below average pictures and bump them up a few notches……. Okay ladies and gents, wipe those tears, we have a solution!


My experience so far…..This is Picnic’s little brother and he rocks my socks off! The best part is …it is FREE! I am sure as popularity flares up there will be some kind of charge. If you liked picnic you will love this, because it is essentially the same thing. There are a few minor changes, such as you have to upload one picture at a time, there is no logg in, and it has little to no lag time.

Example 1



Example 2




Example 3:



God Bless!


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