Pottery Barn Look Alike

 The Journey of One Dresser

This dresser entered my life during childhood. I first remember it in my mom’s basement to store homeless clutter. Of course somewhere a long the line when I moved out I inherited this beut! For a long time it was hidden anywhere possible as its original state is a little homely.


Exhibit A:

Homely FREE Dresser


The Make-Over Begins

This is why he is my superhero! He not only helps, but wears that gorgeous smile while he does it! I missed the first few steps with the camera. The very first step was to remove the drawers and hardware. Then comes the part kids are good at…..Sanding. This step is very important. I have painted furniture in the past and skipped the prep. You will regret it, because all it takes is a small bump and it will chip or peel. I prefer to use an electric sander and so does T. After you sand take a damp clothe and get off all of the residue.

Once prep is complete, I wanted to highlight the grain on the top of the dresser, so I applied a dark coat of stain I had in the disaster zone storage room. Then I took some gift wrapping boxes and cut them apart to fit the top, and taped in place.

Last I used some primer and sprayed a light coat all over. Then I just layered the cream spray paint to desired effect. The day I did this it was literally 110 degrees outside. My neighbors thought I was completely mad! Many of them cruised by the house while I did this, to tell me so too! 🙂 Anyways, in order to stay alive and keep from melting I kept hosing off. Then I dripped on the project. At first I thought for sure I had ruined and would spend the rest of the day sanding and repainting, but then magic happened……



Step Two: Hardware

I contemplated purchasing new hardware, but got impatient and decided to reuse what was already on this. First, I prepped the surface like I did with the dresser ie: sand, clean, prime. Then I sprayed a layer of black, and let dry. For the key step to these pulls you need to have your black spray paint, bronze spray paint, and a paper towel handy. I sprayed a layer of bronze, immediately after a layer of black, and then before they dried placed on a paper towel and spun them. It took a few tries, and I may have spilled a few choice words…..This was towards the end of the day. Eventually I ended up with these:


The After:


Project Cost: $16

Primer (free left over from another project)

3 Bottles Cream Spray Paint $12

1 Bottle Spray Clear Coat (free from another project)

1 Bottle black Spray Paint (free from another project)

1 Bottle Metalic Bronze Spray Paint $4

Dresser Free!


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3 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Look Alike

  1. You are officially on my bookmarks bar. Can’t wait to read more of your wonderful new adventure in the Blog world 🙂

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