Vanilla Frappe

I literally would not have survived the warm South Dakota sauna, ie cookies were baked in the car by many South Dakotans this summer, or parenting without this discovery. It is truly a masterpiece! Okay, to get started I always have a stock of frozen coffee cubes in my freezer. My amazing husband always makes way more coffee than our hearts can handle, so I pour it into ice cube trays, and empty it into a rubbermaid that is kept in the freezer duh. Then you have this drink mix that some genius, must have been a women, came up with called Iced coffee by International Delights. Last but not least, the calorie free (at least in my mind) whipped topping from a can.

Next let me introduce you to my aqua blender. I will admit when we got this for our wedding, I was not exactly sure when I would use this appliance. Man was I wrong, I used it nearly everyday this summer.

Grab about 5-8 coffee cubes depending on how much you ticker can handle place in blender, then pour your iced coffee in (I do about 3/4 to the top of my ice cubes), and blend. If you want to make it extra sweet you can add some instant white chocolate. If you want more of an espresso flavor you can make some espresso (I also try to keep some espresso in the fridge in a rubbermaid for quick use on rushed mornings) or really strong coffee and pour in. Last top with your whipped cream if desired.

And at last you have your very own vanilla frappe. These ingredients last me two weeks, and are far cheaper than the fancy coffee brands. I even brought all the supplies into the office one day and made a treat for all of my fellow nurses!

Total Cost: under $6

Iced coffee $3

Ice coffee cubes $pennies

whipped cream $2

 God Bless! C

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