The rug war finally ends!

 My husband and I have been in our home since late may, but we have had a giant void in our living room. We have these beautiful wood floors through out our upstairs living areas, and were in need of a . However we are exact opposites when it comes to decorating styles. He is a manly man, the kind that hunts, has dead animals on the wall, and watches football every sunday. I however am a little girly when it comes to my decorating style. I am not extreme floral or neon pink with zebra print, but I like warmth of color and tend to lean towards the pottery barn look. We started looking this past summer for a rug and it became a daunting task. Finally, last weekend I mentioned going to Hom for some cookies, massaging chairs, and decorating ideas. I had no intention of buying anything, because after all I am a bargain shopper when it comes to accessorizing and we already have the basic furniture pieces we need. On the way to the massage chairs we came across the clearance rugs I had my husband wrestle a few out, and we both AGREED on this rug…..The heavens opened up and angels began singing…just kidding, but it was a big moment for our house. We welcomed this rug into our living room with bare feet and legos.

Total savings: $280

Not to mention the hours of therapy it saved us if we would have continued this rug quest 😉


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