My Office space at work

DSCN08942      My nursing role is not the typical nursing role. I spend anywhere from 2-8 hours per work day sitting at my desk. After taking this role I took one look at the generic cubicles and knew my space would need some TLC and a touch of my style! Here is what I started with…Well, kind of, I forgot to take a picture of my specific cell. Sorry to my coworker, her space had to be the sample. You get the picture grey splattered with papers and nursing books. Does not exactly inspire the heart.

        I of course had told my mom about my drab work space, and I get my love for bargains from her.  Within a month of starting this position she had spotted this cute desk at one of our favorite home consignment shops. It was 90$!!! I felt like I was robbing the place when I carried it out the door. I had done some online shopping prior to this and found that many of the desk were above $200.

Here it is.


I pulled out the desk and shelf, my boss threatened to make me take it home and store it. Eventually it found some its home in a dark corner, where it belongs. I tell them this is my job security, it would be too much work for them to put my desk back together if they give me the boot 🙂  It is still a work in progress. I have some fabric to line the walls, a gorgeous paisley in bright colors to revamp my desk chair, and a few pictures for the wall. Either way this is a huge improvement. Many of my coworkers have said they could relax with a glass of wine in this space. Although, I don’t pop any corks at work, I do rock some Dave Mathews Pandora and chart my heart out.

God Bless! C

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