Football Truffles

My husband is a huge football fanatic, and this weekend I thought I would make him a special treat. I have used this recipe for years over the holidays, but thought I would change it up a bit for our Sunday Football tradition. It is super easy and inexpensive, bonus the kids love getting in on this one. Enjoy! They are a stairway straight to heaven if you have these with a glass of milk!


1 Package of Oreos

2 bags of chocolate chips (Hershey’s melts)

1 Package of softened cream cheese

1 tube of white icing

2 1 gallon plastic bags

Step one: Dump the entire contents of Oreo package into plastic bags. I prefer to double bag, because otherwise you end up with Oreo crumbs everywhere. I also have this little trick of zipping the bag almost all the way, stick a straw in, and suck the extra aire out. This is my son’s favorite part, now crunch the Oreos. You can use a rolling pin, hammer, or whatever smoosher you have lying around.

Step two: Combine softened cream cheese and crushed Oreos in a large mixing bowl. We like to really get our hands dirty with this part and mix this all together until you have a dark brown mixture and can no longer identify the cream cheese.

Step three: Line pans or baking sheets with wax paper. Then shape Oreo mixture into small footballs and place on wax paper. Once you have your first pan full place it in the freezer. This step is key and ensures your footballs don’t fall apart in the chocolate.

Step Four: Melt your chocolate. I use a double broiler, but there are many methods of doing this. Then drop your footballs into the melted chocolate and pic out with two forks letting the excess chocolate drizzle off, then place back onto wax paper. Once you have one full pan again place in freezer.

Step Five: Using your tube of icing make your football laces. Tada!! You have made football truffles. depending on the size it makes about 20-40 truffles, and I had chocolate left over to cover a few random food items in the house. Have I mentioned yet that I have a chocolate addiction, it may come up again.

I told my husband I could live off of these. His response, “either you would die when you are 35 or be 700lbs. ” BUT I would die happy 😉

Total Cost: $12

Oreos $3

Cream Cheese $3

bags of chocolate $4

Icing $2

God bless! C

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